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Heavy Duty Base Equipment

New Hampton Metal Fab offers straight or extended base equipment with either a one piece or two piece form. All base equipment is manufactured with 1/4" thick plate steel and reinforced with channel iron and includes lifting eyes. New Hampton Metal Fab offers its "Engineered" and time-tested core collapsing mechanism that can be locked in either the open or closed position. The cam style latch makes cleaning and adjusting the core seam quick and easy.

Two Piece Straight Base
Two Piece Extended Base
One Piece Extended Base  

Heavy Duty Base

Equipment Features:

  • 24” – 72” Diameter equipment.
  • Mechanical collapsing core.
  • Lift eyes.
  • Adjustable quick pin rollover trunnions.
  • Core top.

Core Options:

  • Mechanical collapsing mechanism.
  • “Quick Strip” Sub-base with lever actuated collapsible core.
  • “Quick Strip” Sub-base with lever actuated retractable steps.
  • Manually actuated step pin assemblies.
  • Manually actuated reversible step pin assemblies.
  • Core ladder.

Form Options:

  • Extended base design.
  • Straight base design.
  • One piece form design.
  • Two piece form design.
  • “Roll-back” outer form doors.
  • Full radius catwalk assembly with one ladder.
  • Splash guard placed over each seam.
  • Lift pin assemblies.
  • Reversible lift pin assemblies.
  • Vibrator channel with LC-1 vibrator mount.
  • Form ladder.

Additional Options:

  • Adjustable pallet support stool.
  • Adjustable flat pallet/support stool.
  • Filler Ring to produce straight wall bases. (Extended Base ONLY.)
  • The controller is a friction controlled roll-over braking system. Includes stud and locking pin. (Tested weight to 13,000 lbs. each.)
Filler ring Core collapsing mechanism
Step pin assemblies Reversible step pin assemblies
Lift pin assembly Lift pin assembly - pin out
Reversible lift pin assembly Lift eye
Seam reinforcing bars & alignment pin + Splash Guards Vibrator mount
Quick pin roll-over trunnion